The Gambia, Germany, Europe and World Diaspora : THE SUKUTA *DEMBADOU* CARNIVAL &  CULTURAL FESTIVAL IN THE GAMBIA 2013ff. … Announcing its 8th edition for March 10.11.12th 2023

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Notification and Request for Assistance:
The above named annual Festival is organized by Sukuta Sanchaba Youth Development Association in collaboration with Sukutarians in the Diaspora, with the support of key partners like the local Village Development Committee, Alkalo, the Chief and the elders of the community.  This Festival is also recognized by the National Council for Arts and Culture which is also one of the key supporters and sponsors of the program, as it’s already part of calendars events in the tourism promotion activities for the country.
    The aims of this program is to stimulate Unity and corporation among various youth groups, enhance development, sensitized on culture and other allied youth related issues.  This is also in alliance with national development Plan of the country and millennium goals for youth empowerment.
	We are hereby writing to formally inform you of the activity as the parent body of all cultural organizers and seek support from your institution to contribute to this Grand Festival 2023, where several cultural dance groups including the famous local bands will be performing as scheduled for the 10  –11–12th March, 2023.
	The proceeds of the program would be used to facilitate the logistics and activities of some of the objectives stated above, as well as preparations for subsequent one.
	Your prestigious institution being one key support of our noble course, is here been approached with ardent sincerity and humbleness to assist and support us with any amount cash or kind.  The budget for the program is here included for your reference:
( Total Transport cost for the (20) Cultural Troupes … D20.000.00
( Total Honorarium for the (20) Cultural Troupes … D20.000.00
( Total Cost of Feeding and Accommodation … D10.000.00 D50,000.00
( Grand Total: … D50.000.00 )
Grateful for your positive response and support to this worthy cause of ours, together we can!!!!
	We appreciate your participation and contribution in this special event aimed at exposing our cultural diversity and bringing the People of Sukuta–Sabiji–Dembadu much closer in a cross-cultural way for the greater good of the country.
In the Service of the Community
Lamin Darboe, Secretary General, telephone: 7701809 / 3167720
Cherno B. Cham: 7219947 / 9335830 / 3995298
Awa Jallow: 3716207


Still without further descriptions,
next some video documentary
from recordings of local Gambian community broadcast :

(That is the Kumpo.)

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To contact in Germany as one of the founders and current board of the Festival is Mister Sam Jarju — please write to him or phone-call him to ask for more information on the outstanding Gambian festival project!

New website project of the Festival in current, still provisory state there — wait and watch out for future updates!


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