Dembo Jobarteh

Not to be confused with information on the person of Dembo Jobarteh 1976–2008, we can try to provide the following information about Dembo Jobarteh as he will attend our 2023 festival with Kora recitals and Kora workshops: »Born in 1967 [?], Dembo Jobarteh is a member of a famous African griot family. The nephew of Amadu Bansang Jobarteh, the famous kora-player, Dembo is also related to Malamini Jobarteh, father of Tata Dindin. Dembo plays the kora, drums, balafon and sings. In 1994, Dembo quit his bakery job to become a professional musician. He played kora in restaurants in Dakar, on the beach and in the tourist market. After two years he came back to The Gambia. There he founded the Gambian Griot School of Music and Dance.« (, 2016) (Photograph from the Embryo homepage)Social-media Facebook profile: Google-Inc.-YouTube channel: * // ANZAHL DER BEITRAGS-AUFRUFE (seit Zählung ab dem 27.10.2021):  338 More readings? Jalikebba Kuyateh Künstler*innen-Information: Neue Videoveröffentlichungen befreundeter Künstler*innen