Mborodis Group & Simba Group

Die Tanzensembles Mborodis Group und Simba Group aus Sukuta in Gambia gaben, begleitet durch die Taranga Cultural Group, in Teilen der gambischen Veranstaltungen des 2. Interkulturellen Afrika-Festivals 1000 (African) Drums Darbietungen, von denen Ausschnitte als Video festgehalten werden konnten. »A short history about how I started and what really inspired me to become a Zimba. Historically I inherited it from my parents who also inherited it from their grand parents, and the chain flows. Once lived my great-grandfather who was a hunter. One day as he was hunting, he came across a lion 🦁. Facing the lion and realizing the consequences of shooting a lion, he decided to do certain spiritual means without running away. So the lion was very vex and scary, but as a result of the spiritual means my grandfather was doing at that spot, the lion was cool down and finally knelt before him. And that was the time when he came near the neeling lion