Noma Nkwali

»Musician, Actress, Dancer & Entrepreneur based in Europe & Zim. It’s all about music« ( »Noma Nkwali (born Nomathamsanqa Mkwananzi in Bulawayo Zimbabwe) is a Zimbabwean artist based in Germany. In 2006 Nkwali landed a role as a lead singer and dancer in the circus show ›Mother Africa‹. She went solo in 2015 and released an accapella album called ›Sithokozile‹ and is currently in the studio working on her new album.« ( »Meet Noma Nkwali Gagisa, our own female star musician who reminds me of that era when everyone wanted to hear Busi Ncube’s voice. Nkwali is her stage name. Once you hear her voice, you are musically enticed and glued to it. Nkwali’s real name is Nomathamsanqa Treatie Mkwananzi. She is the founder member of iYASA and is currently working with Mother Africa, a German based circus which consists of 45 artists from Zimbabwe, South Africa, Ethiopia, Gambia, Ivory Coast, Tanzania and Kenya. This is a work of musical