Jah Hero

»After many years of playing in bands and in collaboration with other musi­cians, Jah Hero finally released his highly anticipated debut solo album ›Chants of Freedom‹ on the 16th of March 2016. Recorded in Berlin, where the artist now resides, this album is packed with internatio­nal influences, and describes a courageous journey of a compelling African artist. With an eclectic mix of Roots Reggae meets World-Beat, this album is definitely a milestone in the Gam­bian’s music path thus far, and marks a promising beginning to a successful solo career. The lyrical content is a refreshing balance of political, romantic and Rastafarian views, which makes this album interesting, and meaningful. Although predominately Reggae, one can feel Jah Hero’s African influence through­out the entire album. He has found a brilliant way of incorporating Jah Hero Chants of Freedom Final Artwork BACKAfrican elements and themes into his well-composed Reg­gae beats, and has created a significant and unique album that is not to be