Schlagwort: Interaktives Gemeinschaftskonzert 1000 Drums

Alpha Oulare

»Alpha Oulare was born in Faranah from an original Mandingo family in Guinea Conakry and comes from the generation of the seventies. He started playing drum at the age of 5. He describes himself: ›I saw the Djembé in a dream after I had left a cultural place where I had met Ma Siré Camara. […]

YouTube-Ankündigung für das Streamingfestival 1000 Drums im Herbst 2020

African Music Festival from Leipzig/Germany and The Gambia in [supposely] September 2020: Musical Concerts – Workshops – Information – Free Interactive Community Concert (Youth Integration and Livelihood Improvement Project), for further information.Contact us to participate in our festival… © YILP International e.V., 7-16-2020 Postscriptum: Hinweis: Unser Interkulturelles Afrika-Festival 1000 Drums wird in diesem […]