Dolus Mutombo & Bena Kwetu

»Since 2013 Dolus Mutombo & his band have been playing music together. Bena Kwetu has currently four band members. The main instruments are being played by Tobias (Piano), Ralf (E-Bass) and Andreas (percussions) and Amuri (Guitar). The bands‘ highlights in 2016 were playing at the African Festival in Leipzig and Freudenstadt and taking part at the Karli Beben, a local suberb happening in Leipzig every three months. In 2017 the music groups name changed from Free Spirits to BENA KWETU.« ( »Dolus was born in April, 1976 in the Congo (DRC) in a region of the equator called Boende. He grew up and went to school in Kinshasa. As his father is in the army, the family had to move