Group Culture Sangw’ikiyago zone Ngagara (National Ballet of Burundi)

We are the Burundians drumming! THE GROUP BALLET NATIONAL founded in 1987, started with 27 mem­bers. They range in age from eight to 50 years. The group performs the Burundian dance, which is an old traditional dance and was usually played for Kings. The dance should bring people together and aims to bring happiness and peace into the nation. The group’s aim is to represent the Burundian culture in the national area as well as internationally. BALLET NATIONAL. Believe that traditional instruments, the Burundian drums, are a tremendous form of communication and a sign of national unity. The group wants to convey a positive message by sustaining the tradition of the community which was broken by the civil war crisis. THE DRUMS ARE TRUELY TALKING / TALKING DRUMS. „hello everyone / how are you / our group is called Group: Ballet National and we started as a group made up of boys only after we included the girls / we