The Gambia, Germany, Europe and World Diaspora : THE SUKUTA *DEMBADOU* CARNIVAL &  CULTURAL FESTIVAL IN THE GAMBIA 2013ff. … Announcing its 8th edition for March 10.11.12th 2023

In English — under construction / wait until this page has loaded — Please consider to support here! #Dembadou #Gambia #West-Africa #CulturalFestival #Sukuta #Sanchaba #YouthDevelopment #Diaspora #CulturalTravelstoTheGambia      Still without further descriptions,next some video documentaryfrom recordings of local Gambian community broadcast : (That is the Kumpo.) Links related to the DEMBADOU Cultural Festival : > social-media Facebook profile of the Sukuta Sanchaba Y[outh] D[evelopment] A[ssociation] — many videos and contact to the staff > first website for the DEMBADOU Cultural Festival as backup from the Internet Archive Wayback Machine > Google Inc. Internet search on the DEMBADOU Cultural Festival > about the legendary Dembadou Band of 2009 — listen! > review of the 2022 Festival announcement To contact in Germany as one of the founders and current board of the Festival is Mister Sam Jarju — please write to him or phone-call him to ask for more information on the outstanding Gambian festival project! New website project of the Festival in