Dolus Mutombo & Bena Kwetu

»Since 2013 Dolus Mutombo & his band have been playing music together. Bena Kwetu has currently four band members. The main instruments are being played by Tobias (Piano), Ralf (E-Bass) and Andreas (percussions) and Amuri (Guitar). The bands‘ highlights in 2016 were playing at the African Festival in Leipzig and Freudenstadt and taking part at the Karli Beben, a local suberb happening in Leipzig every three months. In 2017 the music groups name changed from Free Spirits to BENA KWETU.« ( »Dolus was born in April, 1976 in the Congo (DRC) in a region of the equator called Boende. He grew up and went to school in Kinshasa. As his father is in the army, the family had to move around quite a lot. This is how he’s come to speak several languages including Tshiluba, Swahili, Lingala, French and English. Though his mother used to sing for him and his siblings, up until then there were no music activities going