Support & Donations to the / Spenden an den Y.I.L.P. International e.V., registered organization: development aid / Entwicklungshilfe, Diaspora Community work, Inter- & Sociocultural Africa Festival 1000 Drums

[Google Inc. Translator?] IT IS ONLY LEGAL AND MORAL DUTY TO REMIND THIS / es ist nur rechtens und sittliche Pflicht, dieses (konstant) zu erinnern: Also at this point (see our previous remarks about the urgency and necessity of) supporting our joint projects including primarily here development aid for children and young people and their families in need in The Gambia (communities of Brikama, Bafulato and Sukuta): new school buildings and extensions /-maintenance, school supplies, preschools, school sponsorships for orphans/half-orphans, Youth Skill & Training Center YILP main project through to club work in Leipzig for the African diaspora community — we offer here at the beginning of the new year 2023, primarily for friends and members of the Y.I.L.P. association, to have the opportunity to donate (and/or submit outstanding membership fees) via an electronic online donation, which can be specified in the provision, to our PayPal account: … Thank you all also ideal supporters! Donations received will only be