Bestätigt / Confirmed: 5. Leipziger Afrika-Festival 26.&27.8.2023 (Sa&So) in Leipzig, Kulturfabrik WERK 2: 1000 Drums / Trommeln!

[ Google-Inc.-Translator-Übersetzung? ]INFORMATION ABOUT THE CONCEPTOF THE International Inter- and Sociocultural Africa Festival 1000 Drums AS OUR COMMON CREDO »The drum knows no borders (!), no countries (!), no skin color (!), the drum speaks the language of the heart and connects people.« (Mr. Damien Bilondo, founder of the ensemble »Ndungu Kina« and one ofmore than one hundred musicians participating in the Festival1000 Drums so far…) THE AFRICA FESTIVAL »1000 Drums [Trommeln]« has been inviting drummers and guests to a joint event in the city of Leipzig every year since 2019 to make music, to concerts and workshops, thus making it possible artists, residents and guests to find a forum for encounters in this context: In addition to concerts of African music that are as barrier-free as possible in an emphatically non-commercial or less commercial format, DJ music, dance and talks are held on a weekend in summer from midday onwards, drumming and other workshops for children, young people and adults