KurzE \ Short Video Information on the 1000 Drums Africa Festival, the Y.I.L.P. International Association and their GamKids Children Aid Projects (Auswahl von Videos zum Festival, Y.I.L.P. & GamKids)

Contact: hier/here

Interim flyer/poster motif draft

Rechtshinweise / legal declaimer hier/here

Anti-African, racist and nazi hate criminals,
stalkers, hackers stay far!
These are reported to international services
without any tolerance!

The festival project as such has been registered
and is protected
for the Y.I.L.P. International association
and no prey for intended abusers,
expropriators, neo-colonial herrenmenschen and invalid censors!
We protect our guests, artistic performers and participators,
as the members of our diaspora association
in our rights and dignity.


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