Information about the concept of the International Inter- and Sociocultural Africa Festival 1000 DRUMS (rev. April 2023)

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THE AFRICA FESTIVAL ›1000 Drums [Trommeln]‹ has been inviting drummers and guests to a joint event in the city of Leipzig every year since 2019 to make music, to concerts and work­shops, thus making it pos­sible ar­tists, residents and guests to find a forum for encoun­ters in this con­text: In addition to concerts of African music that are as barrier-free as possible in an em­phati­cally non-commercial or less commercial format, DJ music, dance and talks are held on
a weekend in sum­mer from midday onwards, drumming and other workshops for children, young people and adults in a public place in the city for two days, an African bazaar will be created with information stands, a culinary range of African dishes and African goods: clothing, handicrafts, music, etc. … accom­pa­nied by activities for children, the events are divided between seating and standing areas and a stage. Accredited photojournalists are allowed to document what is happening — in com­pliance with the law; Sound recordings and part of the moving image recordings of the concerts are made for quite a number of domestic and foreign participants and later pro­cessed for them. The annual Interactive Community Con­cert of the Thou­sand (rather 20–30) Drums: After instruction and under the guidance of expe­ri­enced mu­sicians, the guests pres­ent are united in playing to­gether: all our guests are expressly invited to play along, to bring their own drums and other musical instruments to the concert and thus to a jam session, to get to know new things, invited, free to do so to dance to their mood. — Target group are: the festival is dedicated to and organized by people with an African migration background and roots (!), citizens of Leipzig and international guests, who thus make an important contribution to in­tegra­tion, but above all the music friends: adults, Young people and families with child­ren, all people who are peacefully interested in the continent of Africa Antera. — Announced in good time, socially promoted, documented and virtualized, the festival should be perceived as an international music event beyond Leip­zig and the Free State of Saxony and also be able to have a touristic effect. As a community, we can, according to our aim, strengthen the ac­ceptance of African citizens in Saxony and Leip­zig through the now regular, open and non-commercial event in which new perspectives of the continent of Africa are shown: existing clichés and stereotypes about Africa should and can experience a change, now effective towards cosmopolitanism. — Democratic culture, ex­change and free participation are demonstrated, mutual ac­ceptance and personal dig-nity are promoted. The fes­tival also opens up another forum for African music in Europe and over­seas, one of its listeners and pro­moters, and in­vites to dialogues that seek to change prejudiced attitudes across genera­tions and allow people to experience Africa's cultural diversity. The cul­ture of Leipzig as well as that of the Free State of Saxony and the Federal Republic of Ger­ma­ny thus create a festival of peaceful en­counters of barrier-free music combining ar­tis­tic genres, they create possible better under­standing and promote gen­eral charity. Every year we try to reach an increasing number of guests, observers and interested parties in a better pre­pared way and hope that the project will one day be in­tegrated into the larger, existing Africa festi­vals in Germany, Europe and the world. — The African com­munity in Leipzig will open up on these days and invites you to another free festival of African music! We are attentive in the preparation and will also com­plete the fol­low-up and accounting of the 1000 Drums. The schedule we have included for implementation is realistic based on experience. New artists who may not be able to afford their fees and travel expenses should also appear on our internet presentations and will move up for the next few years. Please wish our hon­orary and non-com­mercial project success and support us in your possibilities! We are happy to receive advice and help: © YILP International e.V., 4-23-2023 (automatic Google Inc. translation, errors might have been overseen). 

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Many thanks for your kind interest, possible participation and further support of our common festival project and other work! All good wishes to you, your families and friends! Be well!


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