Group Culture Sangw’ikiyago zone Ngagara (National Ballet of Burundi)

THE DRUMS ARE TRUELY TALKING / TALKING DRUMS. „hello everyone / how are you / our group is called Group: Ballet National and we started as a group made up of boys only after we included the girls / we chose the name Group: SANGW’IYIYAGO zone NGAGARA because they are usually sacrificing Kirundi in the middle of the drums / they are talking about / you can see in the videos that the drums are talking / so they sacrifice / our national name is Group: BALLET NATIONAL and I have to let you know that we have started preparing for the future and we will apply for a visa in March“ (our latest greeting and friendly reminder from the Burundian drum ensemble to all friends of the African music).

„(G)ood morning to everyone / we are preparing hard to show you the best things!!“ (on 2-5-2022, 19:58 c.e.t.; by e-mail)

THE GROUP HAS WON different prizes in various regions and countries:

  • 12th march 2013 –– emerged Number 1 in Rwanda/Kigali at the FESPAD Competition (all-African countries Festival)
  • 28th November 2014 –– won again and became Number 1 in France/Paris (Le Patrimoine Culturelle Immateriel de l’UNESCO)
  • 7th September 2017 –– won again in Uganda/Kampala

Performances in the United States of America as well as in Canada (and Europe):

  • Féstival international de Louisiane / United States of America (LaFayette) on April 15th, 1989
  • Féstival international de Louisiane (LaFayette) on April 14th,1991
  • Artistic concerts in 20 (twenty) U. S. Federal States in July 1991
  • Féstival international d’été de Quebec (Canada) on July 2nd 1991
  • Festival international Poland August 18th, 2021.

IT’S A PLEASURE TO MEET YOU! By the way we saw this festival we would like talking with you a lot about it. We have a group of drumming and dance here in BURUNDI; we wish to contact you, just talking and make relationship. Our works are known at ceremonies, weeding or festival, conference, seminary, in different countries. Look at our videos and photos. We thank you and wish your feedback.

ASK US MORE, then we would like getting your invitations, as we wish to participate. Many thanks … call (+25779322103 WhatsApp) or e-mail

Even more / noch mehr Videos from the / von der GROUP CULTURE SANGW’IKIYAGO ZONE NGAGARA :

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